Priya Chisti graduated summa cum laude from CSU Long Beach with a BA in Dance Science. She is also a BASI certified pilates instructor and a physical therapist assistant. 


She started dancing at the young age of 5, where she received training in the classical Indian art form of Bharatanatyam from her guru Viji Prakash. She went on to join the Shakti Dance Company in 2005 and did many performance tours all throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In order to improve her technique in Bharatanatyam, Priya's guru encouraged her to train in ballet and once she started, she fell in love and started taking more classes in western styles of dance.


She has trained under David Wilcox, Keith Johnson, Maria Gillespie, Gerald Casel, Sophie Monat, Lisa Johnson, Lorin Johnson, Susan McLain, Jeff Slayton, and many more.


Priya loves the science aspect of dance and is pursuing further education in performance arts science. This is Priya's second year with NBDT and has participated in multiple tours, kids’ shows, and performances. She intends to dance as long as her body will allow it, and she hopes that will be forever!