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"How To Raise a Black Son in America"

  Choreography by Nannette Brodie and Dennzyl Green

  Performed by Dennzyl Green


  • Phoenix Shorts Black Lives Matter

  • Film Festival Portrait in Motion


  • Palm Springs Shorts Human Rights

  • ArtHouse Fest. of Beverly Hills Best Social Justice

  • Stockholm Short Fest Black Lives Matter

  • Dublin World Film Fest Human Rights

  • Palm Springs Int. Film Awards Best Human Rights

  • Tokyo Shorts Best Human Rights

"Balance on That"

  Concept Director Nannette Brodie

  Performed by members of NBDT


  • Paris International Best Composer

  • Dubai Independent Film Festival Best Composer

  • Florence Dance on Screen Short Dance film


  • Stockholm Short Fest Best Dance Clip

  • Palm Springs Intl. Film Awards Best Music


  Choreography Nannette Brodie and NDBT dancers

  Performed by Stephanie Maxim and Javier Gonzalez

Award Winner

  • Paris International Best Music

  • ArtHouse Fest of Beverly Hills Best Romance


  • Dublin World Film Fest Dance Short

"Her Intercession"

  Choreography by Nannette Brodie and members of NBDT

  Performed by members of NBDT

Highlights from NBDT's 30th Anniversary Concert.

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