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The vision of the South Coast Dance Arts Alliance (SCDAA) is to be recognized as a performance organization that uses dance to promote imagination, expression, communication and self-esteem.  The mission of the organization is to bring quality dance experiences to a wide audience, which includes a strong commitment to educational outreach.  The South Coast Dance Arts Alliance supports the operation and activities of the Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre (NBDT), a professional modern dance company.  The mission of the Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre is to produce and present quality performances and education for the community that broadens the understanding and appreciation of contemporary modern dance.  The mission for their educational outreach program is to educate at-risk children through creative dance in both school and after-school activities.  The board and staff of the SCDAA advise and manage the activities of the Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre as they fulfill the overall mission of SCDAA.

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