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Priscilla Gonzalez earned her BA in Dance from California State University of Fullerton. Prior to that she received dance training and her state certified dance teaching certificate from Mt. San Antonio College plus her yoga certification from Saddleback College. She is currently teaching dance and yoga locally throughout Orange County.


Priscilla’s background in dance training varies from ballet, modern, contemporary, tap and jazz, to salsa, bachatta, and ballet folklorico. Throughout her dance career she has received several awards and scholarships including the Beth Splicer Dance scholarship as well as the American Dance Festival program scholarship.


One of Priscilla’s most cherished achievements include being accepted and training in New York City at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre school. Her professional dance achievements include performing in various shows at the Disneyland resort and performing locally at several seasonal performances.


She is currently also performing with Jose Costas in his Contempo Ballet which performs at various community outreach programs including juvenile delinquent centers and charter schools in Orange County and Los Angeles. Priscilla has trained with Guillermo A. Asca, Judine Sommerville, Marianne Bauchmann, Theresa Howard, Ronald Alexander, Carolyn Adams, Alvin Rangel, Debar Noble, Lisa Long, Muriel Joyce, Merle Sepel-Wagne, Glady Kares, Amy Nakamura, Michelle Shear, Lee Martino, Lea Cox, Roger Bellman, Stuart Singer, Brenda Daniels, Gerry Houlihan, Ishmael Johns, Jose Costas and Nannette Brodie who have all contributed to her growth as a performer and dancer.


Priscilla is delighted to be a apart of NBDT. She looks forward to rehearsals with enthusiasm and looks forward to all performance’s with gratitude.

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